Aunsagate is considered the highest mountain of the cusco region, this supposes that its roads mainly are located on the 3900 meters above sea level and arrive until the 5100 meters above sea level. Therefore, it is necessary to manage a professional equipment of High Mountain with the objective of providing better comfort and tranquility to our travelers.


All the tents we use at Ausangate Expeitions are actually 4 seasons, quite rain resistant and feature aluminum rods in case we have nights with snow to generate greater resistance to weight. Usually with a capacity for 3 occupants, we prefer to locate only two passengers per tent, trying to give better comfort and space during the nights. Our tents equipment are proven to repel intense rains that are frequent in the months of November to March in this region, so do not worry about getting totally wet, this will not happen since we are very careful with our equipment.


We always carry with us a first aid kit plus an oxygen balloon, which can be supplied by our staff in case of decompensating due to altitude sickness during all our treks. All our staff receive annual training to act quickly in case of any problems and our emergency teams are thoroughly reviewed before the completion of a group.